Mobile Phone Tools 3

With only a cell phone and a laptop Mobile Phonetools allows you to run business as usual while on the road. Mobile PhoneTools lets you connect via your cell phone and use the comfort of your laptop to browse the Internet, emails, SMS, and even send/ receive faxes. Mobile PhoneTools installs on your laptop/pc and synchronizes with your cell phone so all your contacts (Outlook, Outlook express etc.) and tasks are up-to-date while you´re out of the office. SMS and e-mail have never been easier, with Mobile Phonetools you´ll get excited to type long SMS messages and e-mails from the comfort of your PC, you can also add attached documents, and add signatures. That´s not all. Personalize your cell phone with Mobile PhoneTools´ Melody Studio and select ring tones from your PC to transfer to your phone, manage a range of music formats and even create your own ringtones.

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